Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The WOW Factor

One of the curiosities of desert living is the distance one must travel between points of civilization. Once you leave town, it's M...I...L...E...S to the next town. What adds to the curiosity is the barrenness between point A and point B.

However, every once in a while something will pop up on the skyline that makes you slow down, pull over, and stop to observe. Something that makes you go, "WOW!"

I hope that my blog isn't like the desert, where you read post-after-post looking for that Wow! moment. I hope it's more like you read and find that Wow! moment in each post, taking away one sentence or another. Something to chew on. Something to apply. Something to Selah.

So today, I'd like to ask you, my readers, a question. As I consider the New Thing, what do you love about the Thoughtful Spot? What makes you stop and say "Wow!"? What would you like to see more of? Less of? Any new ideas? I'd love to know your thoughts...please comment.

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  1. The wow factor for me here is two parts: the book reviews, and the everyday-Jesus scripture reflections. As a mom of kids similar ages to yours, I appreciate that devotional style :).


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