Monday, April 8, 2013

5 Things to Pray For

Time is running short for me. No, I'm not dying or anything like that. But I am on a deadline.

So today's post will be short and sweet.

If you have the time and care to do so, please consider praying for me. Here are five things to pray for:

1. BRMCWC is coming up quickly. It's May 19th-25th. I have several things I need to accomplish before conference arrives. I need to finish writing my novel (priority #1). I need to get everything ready to take with me (thank you gifts, business cards, wardrobe, etc.). I need to continue to pray. I need to be prepared for whatever God has in store for me this year (it's always something beyond my wildest dreams). I need to have my pitch ready (try shortening an entire novel into two sentences). BRMCWC is my biggest prayer need right now.

2. Editing. I have editing work on my table that needs to come to completion. It shouldn't take too long, but it's needing to be done. Please pray that as one priority becomes number one, the others don't lose my focus.

3. Inspire a Fire. Please continue to pray for this ministry. It's a website I oversee and would like to see grow. (If you haven't already, please come check it out. There are many talented writers pouring their love for Jesus out on the pages.)

4. My family. Please pray that as I head off to conference next month, they are able to manage without me for the week. (Not that they can't; they most certainly can. Well, most of you are moms. I'm sure you understand.)

5. Whatever the future holds, that I'll be able to manage it with grace and efficiency. I'm busy now. I bet I'm going to be even busier as I get more assignments, need to grow my platform, the kids get out of school for summer vacation, and we face another move (when & where, we don't know, but it's eventually going to happen).

Thank you! I much appreciate your hearts!


  1. You're doing a great job in all those areas, Alycia! But I know how stressed you must feel. Praying for you this week, and in the coming weeks. Press ON!

    1. Thank you, Susan! I appreciate your prayers so much!


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