Monday, September 24, 2012

Autumn Update

As autumn rolls in and the holidays near, I understand that schedules (including mine) get busy with school and sporting events, family gatherings, outreach ministries and so much more. It's also a season where bloggers take breaks and readers read less. 

Knowing such, I am choosing to back down my posts for the months of October through December. Rather than work on new posts for these few months, I am going to do a few different things.

  1. On Mondays, I will take a scripture God has brought to the forefront and use it in a devotion format to encourage us at the beginning of the week.
  2. On Wednesdays, I would like to get to know you better. You, my readers, are important to me. I'm thrilled to see some new faces and hear some new voices leaving comments. Thank you for joining us! I will post a brief "Getting to Know You" post in which I will tell you a little bit about me. I would then love it if you would share your thoughts about you. Hopefully, this will be a lot of fun!
  3. On Fridays, I will share a photograph I've taken or a graphic I've created. I hope these will inspire and encourage you, as well. They may or may not be attached to a brief post.
  4. I will still continue posting book reviews on Thursdays. I have a lot of books I'm loving reading and/or promoting and will continue to share these finds with you. Please watch for posts concerning Mary DeMuth's October 16th release Everything. I will most likely continue blogging through this book and share the review with you on the 16th. I am hosting a blog tour for the release on October 30th. Please stop by and leave some comment love for Mary. She's an amazing woman of God.
  5. Please be sure to visit my website, Inspire a Fire, for more encouragement to ignite that flame for God in your spheres of influence.
Thank you so much for joining me on this journey we call life. I appreciate you and hope my words continue to reflect God's heart and bring encouragement to your hearts. 


  1. So excited for the new format, Alycia! It's good to switch things up. Looking forward to your Wed & Fri posts!

    btw - love the new background. Perfect for this time of year!

  2. I love a change-up every now and then! And I love the new background, Alycia. Perfect for fall! Looking forward to your new format!

  3. Susan,
    I love change ups every now and then, too. :) Especially the leaves. I can't wait to see all the pretty colors soon!


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