Wednesday, August 1, 2012

In Support of God, Christianity, Traditional Marriage, Chick-fil-A, & Dan Cathy

I wrote my regular blog post for today and titled it "Thoughtful Words - Generational Words." I scheduled it to post. Then I considered what is happening in our nation today. I thought about the moral decline and the hateful, intolerant words of people who want to accuse others of bigotry and intolerance. I thought about the disrespect for human life, the sanctity of the God-created covenant of marriage, and people who've walked away from the biblical foundations this United States (Are we so united anymore?) was founded on. And I just couldn't blog my regularly scheduled post this morning.

Todd Starnes of FOX News wrote an excellent article titled "It's About More Than Just a Chicken Sandwich". His words resonate with my spirit. They reflect the thoughts I've had over the past week as I've considered what exactly this outrage against Chick-fil-A & Dan Cathy really means. He's right. It's about far, far more than just a chicken sandwich. Please take the time to read this post by Todd Starnes of FOX News.

So because I'm a mom who loves her Lord, Jesus Christ, and who understands that these are just the beginning of the signs of the coming tribulation, I am going to take my kids to our local Chick-fil-A and buy them all a peach or chocolate or vanilla milkshake. 

All the way there, we're going to pray for our nation, for President Barack Obama and his family, for those who sling hateful words toward anyone who stands for God and His word, for those non-traditional families out there who've opted to worship man rather than the God who created them, and for us. That we would be able and willing to stand strong in our faith and for our faith when others would like to see us bow to their gods. That we would be able to seek God's face without fear in the midst of the lion's den. That we would cling to the prophecies and the words of our Savior as we await and watch for His coming again.

Once we've arrived, we are going to spend our hard-earned American dollars at a family-friendly business we love to support and thank them for giving jobs to Americans when jobs are scarce. We are going to thank them for standing with Dan Cathy and remaining in their positions when the company they work for is under attack. I may not know what each individual employee believes and supports, but I know their founding father loves Jesus. Just like the founding fathers of our great nation did.

Then I'm going to talk with my children about how to stand strong for the Lord when the world knocks down the door and wants to rip the rug of freedom from under their feet. I will teach my next generation about how to love their neighbor as they love themselves and how to speak kindly to someone, even when they disagree. I am going to teach them that it is vitally important they never place anyone or anything higher than God in their hearts and in their lives, because when they do they worship an idol and not the One who created them. I am going to share the truths of Scripture with my children.

Photo Courtesy of Debbie Burchard
And on the way back to our home, we are going to pray again. Because this Christian is wide awake and not ignorant of the seriousness of what is going on today. AS FOR ME AND MY HOUSE, WE WILL SERVE THE LORD. 


  1. We're serving Him today too, Alycia, and enjoying a delicious Chick-Fil-A lunch! Thanks for the reminder!!

  2. Well done, Alycia. You've summed up my thoughts...and my plans very well! We'll also be at Chick-fil-A today. Blessings, E

  3. My sentiments exactly! Chick-fil-A is a great organization and I hope they feel all the love and support they deserve today! David has Marlee there for breakfast right now, and the rest of us are going for lunch ;)

  4. Powerful message, Alycia! We're joining the forces!!

  5. Well done, daughter. There was a time when I wondered if the love of Jesus was enough to soften hard choices. But a praying mother fought through the onslaught and, lo, there birthed a new creature, ordained by God to speak into the lives of the living dead. Continue on with your children, your neighbors and your prayers, for those prayers are powerful in the lives of others, including a leader by the wayside and a poor, deaf, naked and blind nation.


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