Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Getting Back Into Blogging Action - Ten Things About Me

Wow! It's already July. Where is the summer going? I've spent the last two weeks running kids back and forth to day camp (which they loved) and hanging out at Starbucks to edit and write (so I could save gas - I drive a Yukon XL - yikes). Hence, no posting. However, I'm home this week and will begin our series on Blessings next Monday. Meanwhile, let's get to know each other.

My friend and fellow blogger, Allison, posted her 10 Things About Me and asked for others to link up. So, here are my ten things:

I AM - Daughter of the Most High King Jesus, wife of Victor, mother of four, step-mom of one adult, owner of three pets, homeschool coach, writer, editor (Inspire a Fire, Perfecting Pages Editing Service), lover of books, chocolate, and coffee.

I WANT - God to use me. I want to live a life of positive influence. I want to make an impact on earth for His glory. I want people to know Jesus is real and relatable because they see Him in me. I want to come to a place in life where we can adopt more children (we move a lot right now), because I want them to know what it's like to have a stable, loving family.

I HAVE - been tremendously blessed by God. I have a loving husband who works hard for his family and strives to be all we need him to be. I have four incredible kids who keep me moving. I have an abundance of life.

I WISH - We could settle on a large tract of land against a Blue Ridge Mountain backdrop, where we could run a ranch, raise cattle, have horses, farm, and run a retreat for ministers' families and foster/adoption system kids. We'd have plenty of room to adopt those kids I mentioned before... That's my ultimate dream. (Of course, writing a best-seller would be great, too, but that's the selfish dream.) ;)

I HATE - The smell of dead animal bloated on the roadside, being interrupted mid-thought, bullying, when people pull out in front of others on the highway and cut them off nearly causing an accident, and when people drive the speed limit and slower in the fast lane. Get out of my way, already!

I FEAR - my husband getting mortally injured at work or on the road and having to grow old without him, my kids succumbing to negative influences and having to go through things I went through, the Lord ("The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom." - Proverbs 9:10).

I HEAR - Highway traffic, the Downton Abbey Suite, my children's laughter, the ceiling fan ticking.

I SEARCH - for God's truths, for things to be thankful for, for blessings in disguise...

I WONDER - what tomorrow will bring. When you move with a construction career as much as we do, you always wonder where you'll end up next.

I REGRET - a few things in life, like disappointing friends at one point or another (thank God they appear to have forgiven me). I know we learn from our mistakes and that what we've been through has gotten us where we are. I only hope I have become more considerate over the years.

And there you have my ten things! I hope you've gotten to know me a little more. Please feel free to join us in the link up! I'd love to read ten things about you. You can post your links in the comments below, or just leave a list. :) Have a blessed day!


  1. Loved reading your list, Alycia! Traffic issues and bad drivers seem to be a running theme in these lists. :)

  2. Great list Alicia! I had to laugh at the comment about drivers! LOL...too funny, I can somewhat relate. =)

  3. Thank, Allison and Anita!

    Yeah, there's just something about driving. I try not to become the road rage run-em-over type. However, once in awhile, non-curse words slip out of my mouth. I've come to recognize that about myself recently. Trying to stop ranting while driving...LOL.

  4. Loved reading your list, Alycia! It fun finding out all these things about my friends!

  5. What a fun idea, and I loved reading your ten things! I've never seen Downton Abbey but it keeps coming up on my radar. Time to check it out :)
    Thanks, Alycia!


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