Monday, April 30, 2012

Revisiting ~ Monday Musings ~ Nobody Came

Goober Pea turned six on Sunday (2010). Like a good mom, I sent out eight birthday party invitations to his little friends, inviting them to join us at the park for a celebration. I spent time and money (and asked my husband to postpone his plans) preparing for the big day. 

We arrived at the park early, setting the table with the red, plastic cloth that tried to blow away as we laid out Gatorade bottles and cupcake containers in order to hold it down. Balloons tugged against their knot, desiring to float off into the blue skies. Sweat dripped down my face as I stuffed Toy Story 3 cups with Sour Patch Kids, Double Bubble and Silly Bands. 

We sat and waited. The kids ran off to play on the tire swing and monkey bars. Two-fifteen arrived but no guests had. Two-thirty came and went, as well as several vehicles. None dropped off kids to join the party. 

My heart sank with the weight of a sandbag as I considered that no one came to my son's birthday party. How do you explain to a six-year-old that people were too busy that day to celebrate his birthday?

God had another plan, however. Gideon found a "new friend" that day. One little guy happened to be at the playground with his dad. Gideon happily shared his birthday cupcakes and his cups of candy with his buddy. 

His dad shared that they normally go to another park and had decided to come there. I realized in that moment God had intervened and blessed my son with a birthday party guest who wasn't invited by me.


  1. Oh, these lessons are so hard to learn. My mama heart is aching for you-- but loving God's tenderness as He sent the guest HE wanted to celebrate your little guy's special day!

  2. Isn't God good to bless us so unexpectedly...and at a time that we need it the most?

    Thanks for sharing this precious story.

  3. OH Alycia! That would be horrible. I'm so glad that God had a new friend there to keep him company.

  4. That's such a tough moment for a mom! We had a similar heart-sandbag moment here a week ago when I needed to find a friend for my oldest to stay with while I was out of town and her dad finished up his work day. There was nobody who wanted to. They hedged around... too much going on, not sure what Neveah might need (she has bipolar, but the people I asked were our "good friends" who know her and us well). It broke my heart. And then, just like you, God provided a neighbor who was completely excited about having Neveah for the day. They had such a wonderful time together and now Neveah has that connection right here on our own block. God really does see those tough moments, meets us right there in the middle of them...

  5. Ladies, Thank you for your kind comments. I love that God watches out for us and brings unexpected blessings at the last minute. Gideon enjoyed his party despite the no-shows. I loved the God-opportunity to show him how much he's loved. :)

    Laurie - What a touching testimony. I'm so glad she ended up having such a wonderful day!


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