Friday, January 27, 2012

Seeing the Light

Photo Courtesy of Ricardo Chahad
"Why is it that I can see a spot of sunlight up ahead, and by the time we get there, it's dark again?" My twelve year old inquired as we drove beneath a cloud-covered sky.

So often, I want to ask God a very similar question. Why does the light get clouded out as we get closer to it? Are we too slow to get there? Are we missing something? What's going on, God?

Yet, there is always that next break in the clouds, where the sun shines through, and the skies clear into the beautiful blue.

The light is shining here today, after a seemingly endless season of cloudiness in our lives. I have managed to secure our next home in the peachy state of Georgia. My dear hubby has received notification he'll be back our way February 18th. Our family will be reunited, and all will be right in our world again.

The kids are excited about this next move. They sense when it's about time for some new adventure, which I thank God for. There aren't tears and stress as they say goodbye to their most recent friends to meet new ones. They've adapted to life on the road quite well.

So, if my blog posts become spotty over the next couple of weeks, please bear with me as we head toward the light. Our next season is in sight, and we're on the road again! It's not a huge move, only over the river, but I have much to do to get there. Thanks for your patience, and hang in there - the light will break through your clouds, too!


  1. Have you thought that maybe it is God's way of showing you that the sun is still shining, even though he knows that what you need right now are the clouds? I figure that if you can't get to the patch of sunlight before it disappears, it wasn't your patch of sunlight.

  2. Timothy,
    You present a very possible scenario! Thanks for mentioning it!

    I agree, sometimes God has us in the clouds (or a valley) for a reason. I've certainly learned some lessons in this particular season of my family's lives. God has shown Himself strong and present throughout it all. And I acknowledge that wholeheartedly.

    Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate your thoughtfulness!

  3. Oh, Alycia, I am praying for you as you embrace change again. You are a woman of grace, indeed. How perfect that in this season of Epiphany, you are seeing the light in the clouds. Blessings, dear friend.


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