Thursday, September 8, 2011

Missing My Muse

My muse has gone missing today. I'm feeling a bit uninspired (I have ideas - they just haven't taken shape yet.) as I ponder the to-do list that beckons me away from my desk.

1. Schedule doctor's appointment.
2. Text a writer friend I'm missing. Schedule coffee date.
3. Dishevel daughter's room and look for items to sell in weekend yard sale.
4. Put daughter's room back in order.
5. Label all items set aside for yard sale.
6. Take garbage to dump. (Not my favorite thing to do.)
7. Have it all done before kids get out of school, so I can pick them up, run home, get through homework and whining, cook dinner (noodles, again), and get boys to football practice by six. Listen to oldest son complain he has nothing to do (if only I could pick up what I wanted to give him for his birthday. I wouldn't hear it anymore). Try to read the book I'm supposed to review next week while listening to bemoaning son. Take kids home two hours later, have boys shower and get everyone to bed after four drinks, arguments over which movie they'll fall asleep to, and bedtime prayers. Tuck kids in and kiss them goodnight. Thank God for more peace and quiet and hope I'm not too tired to put a few hundred words into my novel. 

Yes, I suppose it's a busy day. Thank God I have Jesus and the guidance of the Holy Spirit to see me through it. My prayer? That in spite of being home alone for most of it, I'll say or write something that touches someone's heart today for Jesus. A word of encouragement, a compliment, a simple smile. These things go a long way. And maybe, just maybe, I'll get one in return. ;)

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