Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Friends

~ My BFF Mary Denman and Me ~

Some days, I like to take a moment to spotlight others in my life for all of the wonderful gifts God has given them. I like to share the blessings they bring with others. Today is one of those days. Below, I've listed multiple links to various posts, blogs, and videos that have inspired me. Enjoy!

Alicia Bruxvoort - This is a post from a Mom whose children bless her with the things they say and draw her closer to God.

Glynnis Whitwer - Although I don't "know" Glynnis personally, I love reading her blog, Welcome Home. She is full of insight into the Word, and her honest transparency is refreshing. This article is about the importance of spiritual training.

Edie Melson - Edie is one of my close, personal friends. She is my encourager. Although her blog focuses on writing, she includes a weekly devotion. This post is also concerned with spiritual health.

Lynn Huggins Blackburn - One of my favorite things about Lynn is her candid sense of humor. She takes life and tells it as it is, and it's always funny. Here, she talks about being a hypocrite...

Mary Denman - Do you want to sit back and relax and take in some sites? Mary's photography is amazing! I wish she'd put more of her photos up for you to see...

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  1. God has truly blessed me with the friends he's put in my life - and you're at the top of the list! It was so great to spend last week with you at Blue Ridge. I truly would NOT have been able to get through without you!


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