Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Been Missing

Photo Courtesy of jdurham
In case you're wondering if I've crawled into a hole and disappeared, I have not. ;) I fought a really nasty head cold last week. And this week the weather hasn't been cooperating with my satellite internet. Or my head.
However, I have diligently applied myself to writing several devotions based on Proverbs. A Proverb a day helps keep the fool away. (I wrote that.) In April, I will be posting these daily devotions. One a day. Just as I mentioned in my previous post. I hope you'll join me for a journey through 31 chapters! I look forward to hearing your comments! Feel free to share what you've learned from the Proverbs and how they've applied to your life, as well! 
And, SURPRISE! I've gotten WiFi at my house, so I can now use my webcam to create videos and post them. I may surprise y'all with a video devotion or two throughout April!
In May, join me and a few guests. I'm lining up guest bloggers to provide us with more wisdom in handling our closest relationships. I may even have a few giveaways! So don't forget to keep your eyes open for these wonderful people! And please show your support and leave comments for them. I know I love to hear how my words have impacted someone's heart. I'm certain they do, too! 
Until then, enjoy! I'll try to post again before Friday, April 1st! Weather pending... 

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