Monday, February 14, 2011

From My Valentine

Photo Copyright 2010 Alycia W. Morales

Pastor Dennis announced the Valentine's banquet our church would be hosting. No sooner than he'd finished telling what time the banquet started, my husband jumped from his seat in the middle of the congregation. "I challenge every  man in here to a poetry contest. You must write a poem for your wife, and we'll read them aloud at the banquet." My cheeks flushed. I wondered if they took him seriously. Or if he'd be the only man with a poem at the banquet.
We'd done this once before. Our first Valentine's Day as husband and wife. Our home church held a coffee house, and Pastor Bob put out the same challenge. Only that celebration of devoted love included a panel of judges. My husband took first place. I cherished that poem. I hid it away, to be kept forever and ever. But...I lost it. I haven't ever been able to find it. I searched my purses, my wallets, my journals. It never turned up.
And so I looked very forward to Valentine's Day 2011.
Here is the poem I received from my husband's heart this year:
Gentle breath of Heaven, fragrant and sweet
Whispers promise of lovers content and complete.
Bound by holy union much stronger than steel,
Our souls entwined, one another we feel.
In this very moment, I call to remember
God's limitless power that brought us together.
From ashes and dust a fire arose
To kindle a love - hot, burning, and bold.
Into the unknown we plunged headlong in,
By faith we leaped and by faith we are kept.
Through battles we've won, through battles we've lost,
Through battles to come, we have counted the cost.
Forward - our destiny - shining and bright
Beckons us follow the path of Love's light.
As we walk it together, enjoying the view,
Our steps will not falter, for we have much still to do.
Passions of youth can diminish with time, 
Yet I still drink deep from the cup of your wine.
Aged to perfection, sweet to my lips, 
Indulge all my senses with the fruit of your vine.
I have and I hold, as prophets foretold,
The joy of my life, in you my dear wife.
Heaven has smiled on this lowly man,
And given a gift greater than any can.
A lifelong companion, a counselor and friend,
More than I hoped for, more than I dreamed.
The best I can offer is, "Thank you, my Queen."

And that is the heart of my husband toward me. (Heaves big sigh.) The other men did rise to the challenge. They did well. I pray their wives' hearts were touched by their gifts of words. I know mine was...

What's the greatest gift your husband has ever blessed you with on Valentine's Day?

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