Tuesday, September 7, 2010

~ Tuesday Tips ~

Life gets busy and things fall behind. Then there's always catch up. When this happens to me (isn't it obvious it has lately? I haven't managed a blog post in how long?) time management is the first thing that pops into my mind. (We won't talk about writer's block here.)

So, for my Tuesday Tips, I'd like to offer up some time management lessons I've learned over the years. Maybe I'll throw in some organizational pointers, too.

Make every step count. I learned this one from a wise boss several years ago. Waitresses must make every step count. If you are bringing coffee to a table, bring an empty plate or dirty fork back with you. Efficiency is key. The same can easily apply at home. If you are walking to the bedroom to put clothes or toys away, bring the garbage back to the kitchen with you. Some moms have it together, I'm sure, and can focus on one task at a time. I am not one of those moms. I multi-task until I'm spinning through my house like a torando. I go from one task to the next when I start cleaning. I'll start with the dishes and find toys on the counter. I run the toys to the boys' bedroom and find dirty laundry all over the floor. I drop the toys into the toy box and pick up the dirty laundry. Then it's off to the laundry room, where I find that I need to throw the lint away. Off to the kitchen I go with the lint, where I'll remember that I was trying to finish the dishes. For those who would enjoy some help with housecleaning, be sure to visit this wonderful website: www.flylady.net

Get organized. Some of us are blessed with the gift of organization (everything is in order, just as it appears). Some of us appear to be a mess but are secretly organized (Don't move anything, or I won't be able to find it!). Others of us just don't know where to begin (Do I keep it, toss it, hide it under the bed?). Being organized saves time in the long run, because you already know where things are. There's no fifteen minute hunt for the keys in the morning when you've got them on a key rack near the door you use most often. There's no hunt for the kids' sneaker(s) if they are neatly lined in the closet or on a shoe rack or are left by the back door. Being organized is always a time saver. I'll post more tips for getting organized next week.

Put the phone on vibrate and let it go to voice mail. One thing that can interrupt progress is the incessant need to answer the phone. Caller I.D. is a huge blessing to me. If I am trying to get something accomplished, whether it's writing an article on deadline or cleaning my house while no one's home (Isn't it great when the house stays clean longer than five minutes?), I use my caller I.D. If it isn't my husband or the school, I let it go to voice mail. If they want to talk with me, they'll leave a message. I can call back later when my immediate task is finished.

These are just a few pointers for managing time effectively. What time managment tools do you use in your daily agenda? Feel free to share your pointers!

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