Friday, June 4, 2010

Just In Case...'ve been wondering if I disappeared, I have not. I have been super duper busy over the past month, and against my will, my writing hasn't been as frequent as I'd like it to be. What have I been up to, you ask? Well...

I spent a week in NY visiting family and friends and moving stuff around again. During our stay, I took a lot of great pictures of my grandparents' farm, which Grandma has recently sold. I figured I'd better get the photographs of the memory-filled place before I didn't have that access anymore...

 The Farmhouse

 The Hill
Grandpa's Hill stands for cows grazing in hilltop pastures, casual walks up the path just because, deer hunting stories and many trophy bucks throughout the years (just ask my husband).

The Barn
Many childhood days were spent jumping from new heights in the hay mound, helping Grandpa milk the cows or bottle feed calves, and feeding the chickens...

On our return from NY, we decided to actually enjoy part of our vacation, and we drove the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. Our 16 hour trip turned into 20, but I was able to get some fantastic photographs, like these:

I had one day after our trip to NY to rest and get organized before I headed off on my own to the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writer's Conference. It's always amazing to me when God orchestrates something in my life. He set me up with the best roommate I could ever hope for, the best teachers a girl could want, and the encouragement that I desperately needed. I left from there knowing that I have a definite call on my life and with all of my questions answered. I also met the greatest people around - other wierdos like me...we're really not that wierd...unless we're milking each other. But, I don't have that picture...

Me with...Vonda Skelton, Edie Melson and Mary Denman, & Michelle Medlock Adams
Since my return, I have managed to write a little bit. I plan to do a lot more writing once the children are finished with school. In the meantime, I have been pouring myself into the education of my four lovely children. Some days are easier than others. Sometimes I see a hint of normalcy in our crazy life. But through it all, God's presence is in our midst. I couldn't be more thankful.

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