Monday, January 18, 2010

Retro Baby

Someone on facebook decided to make it Retro Flashback this past week. I'm a little late on the photos, but I thought about how much I enjoy looking back at the different styles of clothing, haircuts, and accessories. I am a huge fan of memories, so flipping back in my mind to the times spent with family and friends throughout the years brings me great joy. So, for fun, I present some of these to you!

<------ Flashback to 1975. I was a tow head blond! 

1978 : Sepia Days...Me with my sister, Frieda, and my baby brother, Lief (pronounced life)

1979 : My Kindergarten Picture - Balmville Elementary School, Newburgh, NY


1987 : The only 80's picture you'll see of me! I have no desire to go back! 7th Grade

1991 : Junior Prom (I realized after this dress that I hated big bows...)


1992 : Senior Year, Margaretville Central School


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  1. Great pictures! I wondered what was up with my Aunts' facebook pics! Good thing Mom's computer was down and she didn't post any of mine!


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