Monday, October 5, 2009

Today's Thought

Some days, I just don't feel so thoughtful...or full of thoughts. It's on those days that I start thinking, maybe I should just post a little thought for today, instead of a long drawn out one.

So, here's what I've been thinking about today:

When Jesus was here, people would race to where He was to get the opportunity to reach out, touch the hem of His garment, and receive their healing (Matt. 9:20-22).

Then, after His death and resurrection and the baptism of the Holy Spirit, people would come far and wide to just have Peter's shadow pass by so that they might receive their healing (Acts 5:14-16).

So, my question is, "Why aren't people flocking to receive Jesus' healing today?"

I can't help but wonder to myself, is it because they think they can get it on their own? Is it because they don't trust the church today to deliver the Power of God that they are seeking? Is it because they just don't believe anymore?

And what is my own personal testimony in this scenario? Am I living a life filled with the Power of the Holy Spirit that represents what Christ can do, if only one does believe? I sure hope so! But, some days I wonder if I could be doing more, or if my faith is big enough for today?

Just thinking...out loud.

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