Friday, March 13, 2009

Fabulous Friends Friday!

It's Friday again! This week, my Fabulous Friend is Kelli Sincock!
I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Kelli on my recent road trip to visit
family and friends! If you have the opportunity to meet a fellow Etsian while travelling or because they happen to live in your neck of the woods, I highly encourage it! There may be a new Fabulous Friend for you out there! :)

Please tell us about yourself…
My name is Kelli Sincock. I'm 43 and married to my sweetie, Austin. We've been married for 9 years and have two cats. Sadly no kiddos. We live in Northern Virginia but we are both from California. I love crafting (just about every type of craft), I love nature, I love to sing and to dance, and my heart belongs to the Lord.

What is your first crafting memory?
My first crafting memory (besides the basic crayon coloring addiction) was in junior high taking my first art class. It was the first time anyone really noticed my drawing ability. The teacher just fussed like crazy over my drawings. It was kind of embarrassing but also exciting because I really loved to draw.

How did your shop get its name?
It's my name. :-) Actually, I didn't realize when I signed up for etsy that the user name would be your store name. So, I just signed up with my name and decided to keep it.

What is your favorite medium to use in your crafting, and why?
Oh dear. If only I could choose. I'm hopelessly in love with learning new mediums and processes. I was a Metalsmithing major in college, so obviously I like metal, but I also really like yarn and paint. And, well, I'd say I have a HUGE bead addiction! (That's an understatement!)

If you could learn a new craft, what would it be? Why?
I think it would be very interesting to learn wood carving. I think about Jesus as a wood carpenter and how He must have enjoyed working with the wood. I've not had a lot of experience with wood, so that would be a good one for me.

Tell us about your office. Then, tell us about your dream office.
Right now I'm kind of all over the place. I can't seem to find the place that fits me. I have all my tools and equipment in the sunroom. I have taken over the dining room table with beads and my computer and files are in another room. It's very disjointed and annoying to me.
My DREAM studio/office.... Oh, it would be a wonderful place! Large and airy with lots of windows. White walls. Lots of shelving and storage. Lots of wall space to hang up my materials so I can see them all the time. At one end would be my jewelry studio and at the other end would be my general work space with a long worktable where I could paint, draw, sew, etc... In a connecting room would be my photo studio where the lights and camera and computer stay out and ready to go at all times. And, of course, it would be wired for surround sound so I could listen to music from all angles all day long..... Ahhhhhhh....... It's my happy place!

What or who is your biggest inspiration?
Wow. Hmmm..... I have so many inspirations. It's hard to choose. Honestly, I have gone to so much art school throughout the years that I have been inspired my so many talented people. I'm not one to idolize people, ever. But I can take elements of their style, their talent, their knowledge, etc... and put them altogether to give me golden nuggets of inspiration.

Who is your biggest fan? How have they encouraged you?
That would be my husband. He is my number one cheerleader! He always brags about my jewelry to people and even gets people at work to order stuff from me. He's such a sweetheart. Everyone should have one like him!

What is your favorite item to create? Tell us about it.
I really like creating collage pieces utilizing various objects (some found, some created) to make art or jewelry. One of my favorite things to do is to go to antique malls and troll around looking for odd little bits and pieces that can be worked into a piece. It's like a treasure hunt. The only problem is I often don't want to part with the pieces once I've found them.

What are your business goals for 2009?
Might sound strange, but this year, my goal is to make my art my joy again and not my work. I'm going back to school to pursue a degree in counselling and I want to refocus my arts and crafts as that place I go to enjoy myself and to bring joy to others. I find crafting a very spiritual experience. I feel very close to God when I am crafting so I would like to remove the whole 'business' and 'money' factor from that time with Him. God has given me this gift of artistry and it all belongs to Him. I'd like keep that a personal relationship between He and I, and leave the 'world' factor out of it.

Kelli has four shops on Etsy:
Kellirene (Passion Flower Designs) ~
Vintage Kelli ~
Kelli Belli ~ Supplies ~
Bridal Palace ~

If you visit Kelli's Passion Flower Designs, right now 50% of EVERY PURCHASE will go towards the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer! Please support her! Here is a testimony and a link to her Avon sponsor page:

This year I will be walking in honor of a long time friend, Mandy. I've known her since junior high school. She is truly one of the most beautiful women I have ever known. She has been on her own personal battle with breast cancer and has handled it with such grace and faith. I am inspired by her strength of spirit and feel if she can continue through this very frustrating time with such positivity and courage, then I certainly can walk these miles in honor of her! Your donation means so much to me and to those who are struggling with breast cancer. Please consider a donation for this wonderful cause. Your encouragement will most certainly help me make it through ALL those miles! You can see my Avon Donation Page here:

Thank you so much, Kelli, for sharing yourself and your shop with us this week!

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