Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Out of Town

If you "peek" into my shop this week, you will see a notification in my announcement that I am MIA for the next week and a half...

That's because I am enjoying a visit with family and friends back in NY and in between "home" and "home". (We spend some time in VA with my brother and his family, and we'll be stopping in NC to visit my cousin and her family.) I informed my hubby shortly after leaving him in AL all by his lonesome that "home" to me is wherever he is! I find I'm missing him quite a bit!

My parents and my sister are still here in NY, so I am spending some extra time with them and visiting all of our friends that we left behind. It is 50 degrees colder here than back in AL. I don't miss the cold, that's for sure! But, friends and family are always missed most!

Here are some photos of our trip so far:

This is me with my Dad and my Mom...everyone seems to think I look more like my Dad...we took them to church with us when they visited at Christmas and 1 out of 10 people said I looked like Mom...she took it very well!

This is my brother's youngest son...sweet Ephraim...he developed a double ear infection the last night that we spent with them before heading to NY...poor Ephie! He was supposed to come to NY with me...but, he stayed with Mommy until a later date.

Okay...I know this is sideways and you are craning your neck to see who it is...but, my sister saved my photos on disk prior to editing, I don't know her computer very well, so I don't know what photo editing program she has, and she's not here to ask...hence, the sideways picture...and, I can't seem to figure out how to remove it from the post, either...I guess I'm just computer illiterate when I'm not at home! LOL...This is my step-son, who stays with his mom, so we only get to see Zachary once in a blue moon. He is holding my niece, Rebecca, who is 6 months older than my daughter, Hannah, who is clinging to her brother's leg. Aren't they cute? Rebecca is showing off her snaggle tooth, which is due to fall out any time now!

And that's our trip so far! I'm hoping to have lots of time to try out my new ideas when I get home, so look for some new items in my shop next month! I'm thinking a lot about kids' scrapbooks lately.......

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