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I have a passion for reading entertaining novels and inspiring nonfiction. Combine that with my love for writing, and my internal editor leaps with joy.

Every book, article, and devotional deserves to be the best it can be. A thorough round of editing followed by a proofread is an excellent way of perfecting your pages.

That’s where I come in. Experienced in editing blog posts, web material, devotionals, and manuscripts, I love bringing an author’s writing to its fullest potential. Understanding the value of excellence, I want to see your work shine so that publishers will take notice.

I offer the following editing services:

*Note: I have experience editing multiple genres including: historical, contemporary, intrigue, suspense, and sci-fi/fantasy. I will also edit children's chapter books and YA. I do not have experience editing children's picture/board books or Bible Studies.

Proofreading/Copy Edit  $30 per hour
I look for the basic errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, formatting, etc. I recommend this be the final stage of the editing process.

Substantive Editing        $40 per hour
I will do a thorough edit of your work, looking for the basic errors above as well as delving deeper into your manuscript. Checking for accurate facts, understandable analogies, properly placed content, consistent story timelines, proper point of view, and more will be a part of a substantive edit.

Rewriting                           $60 per hour
Sometimes a story needs more help than a substantive edit can provide. The story may have a page or two that requires a rewrite. It may have three chapters that could use some work. Or you may have a compelling first draft but need assistance with developing it. This is where I can swoop in and save the story. I love taking writing from really good to excellent.

Proposals                           $5 per page
Your proposal is important, as it is meant to attract an editor/publisher. I've seen many proposals as I've served on the pub board for Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas. Some are well-written; others, not so much. I can assist you in making your proposal one that will catch an editor's eye. This fee is applied to your proposal itself, not the three chapters of your manuscript that are attached. There will be a $25 per hour editing fee added to the total cost of the proposal if you'd like me to look at your sample chapters as well.
Samples                             FREE
A sample edit of the first 15 pages of your book or three two-page devotions from your devotional will allow you to preview my services, as well as give me the opportunity to preview your work. I can then recommend which editing service would most benefit you and your story. (Please note that I will only provide a sample of the first chapter of your manuscript. I do not offer to edit any other chapters for free.)

Mentoring                         $50 per hour
Maybe editing services aren't what you require. Maybe you need a mentor to assist you in a particular area of writing. Perhaps you're struggling with how to format a devotion. Maybe you'd like to write an article, but you aren't sure how to begin. Maybe you're struggling to develop your plot and aren't sure why it's flat. Hiring a mentor could be your solution. I will spend an initial half hour with you via email or telephone conversation to find out what your mentoring needs are. After that initial FREE half hour, I will develop a mentoring program that will meet your needs as a writer. 

If you're ready to perfect your pages, 
please contact me at alywmorales (at) gmail (d0t) com
Be sure to include RE: Editing Services in the subject line so you don't end up in my spam box. 
I'm ready to help you on your journey to publication! 

Books I Have Edited

Fields of the Fatherless - Elaine Marie Cooper, award-winning author - Selah Awards Winner 2014, Next Generation Indie Book Awards Winner 2014 Belly Buttons & Broken Hearts: A 30-Day Shock & Awe Devotional for Teens - Cyle Young, award-winning author - Selah Awards Finalist 2014 God's Provision in Tough Times - Cynthia Howerter & LaTan Murphy, award-winning authors - Selah Awards Finalist 2014 (Freelance Editor) The Cheesehead Devotional: Daily Meditations for Packer Fans - Judy DuCharme, award-winning author - Write to Publish Best New Writer 2013 The Storeroom of the Heart: Jesus' Model for an Abundant Life - Charles W. Short, award-winning author - BRMCWC Director's Choice Award 2013


I would highly recommend Alycia Morales as editor for any of your literary projects.  She is consistent in follow-through and response.  She is creative in offering ideas to expand the original thought of your work - making it much better in the end than beginning (without changing the heart of what you are trying to express to your readers).
I recently hired her to edit a book I co-wrote.  I was amazed by Alycia's editing ability.  Nothing slipped by her!  She is concise and uncritical. But she also has a way about her that put me at ease even with her positive and constructive advice. - LaTan Roland Murphy, Award-winning Author of God's Provision in Tough Times

As a first time author, I could not have asked for a better choice of editors than Alycia Morales. She was encouraging, knowledgeable, and patient. These attributes shined as we polished my manuscript, but also as she provided insight into the characteristics of good writing. I recommend Alycia Morales to anyone needing to proof their text, to increase its readability, or to rework their materials. - Pastor Charles Short, Award-winning Author of The Storeroom of the Heart

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